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Dauz Music has developed an exciting new event to facilitate even more interaction with bands and artists. We invite a talented band or artist that uses or is interested in using our drum pads and accessories to our fully equipped production studio in Van Nuys. We call it "A Day with Dauz."

What is "A Day with Dauz"?
During this three to five hour event, artists are challenged to write and record an original song right here on the spot incorporating our drum pads. The song is professionally recorded, mixed and mastered for the band to use however they wish.

We also provided a multi-camera video shoot and fully edited video to go with the song to show everyone how they did it. Again, the artists are free to use this video any way they choose. It's a great cross-promotional tool.

To make things even more exciting, we also provide a professional photo shoot in our photography studio. The results are high-end personality images that the band can use to promote themselves, put on album covers or use on their website. These photos are retouched and look amazing.

We use the photographs to produce a conceptual poster of the artist/artists and create an ad campaign around them. Again, an excellent cross-promotional tool. We literally cover every type of media in one day.

A typical "Day with Dauz" yields:
1) Professionally Recorded Song
2) A Professionally shot HD Video
3) Personality Photos for Print or Web
4) A Publicity Poster
5) An Advertising Campaign
6) A lasting association with Dauz Music

How can Dauz Music do all this?
Many people ask us this when they see how much content and product is produced in just a single day. The answer is pretty straight forward; we are extremely good at what we do. Our years of experience in producing quality products and content for ourselves and others have given us the equipment, knowledge, speed and, most of all, skills to produce superior media content in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Of course, working with talented artists makes the job that much easier. The more creative the artist, the better the end results. It's that simple.

Interested in getting involved?
We are open to exploring "A Day with Dauz" with a variety of artists. If you think you're a fit, please feel free to contact us by email.

It's a productive day and a hell of a lot of fun!

This Month's Artist: Downtown Brown

This mind-blowing band is a Detroit treasure. They have a die-hard fan base and tour all over the US. They have been together for almost a decade and have produced albums that capture the true essence of rock 'n roll energy. Their live show can basically be described in a single word: intense!

Recently, they traveled to Los Angeles to record their latest album with Fishbone frontman, Norwood. We invited them to spend "A Day with Dauz" and they graciously accepted. The day's results exceeded expectations and resulted in a poster that the band had printed and sell at their shows and a song that came out so good, they decided to included it on their upcoming album.

But don't take our word for it, see for yourself. We wish Downtown Brown continued success and look forward to hearing the new album.

The Poster
The Ad Campaign
Downtown Brown Poster
Downtown Brown Ad

The Photographs
Downtown Brown

The Song and Video
Hear more Downtown Brown on their official website: www.dtbmusic.com
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