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What's the little red electronic drum that Neil Peart has on his drum kit?

For over ten years, Neil Peart of RUSH has been using a Dauz 6" electronic drum pad right next to his snare drum. At first it was a standard signature black 6" Dauz drum pad but more recently he has upgraded to a custom red and gold version. Dauz Music custom built this drum pad for Mr. Peart to match his Clockwork Orange drum kit for that particular tour.

Today, Neil Peart is using the same red and gold Dauz electronic drum pad with his new kit for the R40 tour. We are grateful to Lorne Wheaton for the hook up. He has been Mr. Peart's drum tech for the past 15 years and has an impressive resume' of artists that he has worked with. Lorne and Neil affectionately refer to this red drum pad as "Ruby".

Neil Peart has used "Ruby" to trigger a variety of sounds including a bongo, a sidestick snare, a timbale, a sonar beep, an electronic snare, a temple block, a cowbell, an orchestra chime, a crotale, and a big sheet of metal. He calls it "a handy and reliable trigger".

We are pleased to be a part of the long and amazing history of RUSH and look forward to the R40 tour!

Neil Peart Electronic Drum
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